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Registration & welcome coffee
Opening remarks
Lorraine Whitfield, Chief Events & Marketing Officer, Euroconsult
WSBW opening presentation – Matrix reloaded: The new dawn of satellite connectivity
Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
Outlook for the satellite sector: The investment perspective

Investment decisions in the satellite sector are becoming increasingly complex in a rapidly evolving market environment. This session will address the following topics:


> Which markets are overlooked or overhyped?

> Key fundamentals for a successful business case

> The prospects for smallsats and constellations versus traditional GEO business

> Current and expected M&A trends

> Longer-term outlook for space investment

Morning coffee break
Finspace start-up pitches
Regional operators: Exploring new paths to growth

In an increasingly competitive environment, regional satellite operators must explore and seize new market opportunities. This session will explore new paths for regional operators to overcome current industry challenges and strengthen their competitive positioning:


> Possible differentiation strategies in regional markets

> New business models and business case economics for satellite operators

> The future operational and economic model of satellite operators

> Competitive positioning of regional operators to capture new market opportunities in mobility, broadband access, and cloud services

>New satellite investments: Flex satellites versus Very High Throughput Satellites

Stéphane Chenard, Senior Associate Consultant, Euroconsult
Roger Tong, President & CEO, Asiasat
Dee Schwalb, COO, ABS
Won-sic Hahn, CEO, KT Sat
Official lunch
CEOs of leading operators – Enhancing the satellite’s value proposition

Guidance on strategic issues for the industry: How do operators intend to transform their business models? The CEOs of leading satellite operators will address this question, with topics such as:

> Operator's future operational and economic model

> How to turn the appetite for data into a much larger opportunity for the value chain

> Optimizing the video business and the related value proposition

> Expected ecosystem adaptations to the “5G” environment

Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
Steve Collar, President & CEO, SES
Rodolphe Belmer, CEO, Eutelsat
Steve Spengler, CEO, Intelsat
Daniel Goldberg, President & CEO, Telesat
Mark Dankberg, Chairman & CEO, Viasat Inc. (expected)
Afternoon coffee break
Meeting expectations: Managing the passenger experience

Airlines face multiple challenges attempting to meet passengers’ highly volatile IFC expectations. Airlines are not ready to leave any stone unturned in order to provide top-notch customer experience through IFC.


> How are passenger expectations steering airlines’ IFC requirements?

> What methods are used by airlines to optimize the passenger experience?

> What is the roadmap for future broadband ecosystems, from connectivity to services?

David Bruner, CEO, Aviation Communications Advisors
Vy Duong, Innovation and Revenue Generation Marketing, American Airlines
Boris Bubresko, VP, Business Development, Norwegian Air Shuttle
Enea Fracassi, Fleet Director, Corsair
Quentin Couturier (expected), Senior Manager – Fleet Development, Etihad Airways
Navigating connectivity by developing an IFC-centric strategy

The number of aircraft committed to IFC increases each year; airlines procuring IFC today are focused on passengers’ broadband experience in the coming decade.


> At IFC’s current stage of development, are airlines’ expectations shifting?

> To what lengths will IFC service providers go to develop value-added services?

> What are the tradeoffs between flexibility, the integration of future systems and economic return?

Susan Irwin, Affiliate Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Jon Cobin, Chief Development Officer, GoGo
Gustavo Nader, Head of Strategy, IFEC, Thales InFlyt Experience
Don Buchman, VP & General Manager, Commercial Aviation, ViaSat
Official cocktail reception
Welcome coffee
Universal Access: Your taxes at work

Satellite systems are being planned and launched around the world to help carriers and governments meet their universal telecom service obligations.


> What are the business models? Can those systems make money?

> Is the definition of universal access to communications/broadband changing?

> Are satellites up to bringing broadband to the large numbers of the poorest and most remote users?

> Are the universal service funds ready to tango?

David Marshack, Managing Director & COO, RKF Engineering
Renato Goodfellow, Head of Global Satellite, BT Global Services
Andrew Walwyn, CEO, Big Blu Broadband
Morning coffee break
Beyond the horizon: Satcom services for safety and security in Europe

Reliable and secure communications have been identified by European government stakeholders as major commercial opportunities and strategic assets to meet European safety and security challenges. Representatives from key European public and private organizations will discuss scenarios, benefits and challenges for the development of a sustainable European GOVSATCOM infrastructure.  

David Chégnion, Managing Director, Satconsult
Magali Vaissière, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, ESA
Evert Dudok, EVP, Communications, Intelligence and Security, Airbus Defence and Space
Finspace start-up pitch
Bringing connectivity services and much more

How are end-user services transitioning with a shifting capacity pricing environment and evolving value chain? Session topics will include:

> Expanding end-user requirements and the innovation needed to meet them

> The satellite capacity landscape: Today and in the future

> Changing competitive dynamics including M&A, business model changes, etc.

> Expectations for demand drivers moving forward, and how to capitalize on them

Blaine Curcio, Senior Associate Consultant, Euroconsult
Rupert Pearce, CEO, Inmarsat
Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, Speedcast
Pradman P. Kaul, President & CEO, Hughes Network Systems
Kevin Steen, CEO, iDirect Technologies
Official lunch
Smart transport: Key steps along the way

All modes of transport have begun their transition to a connected environment. Services to passengers onboard, operational and critical information streams to and from vehicles, all have different levels of maturity and roadmaps. Executives from the automobile, maritime and aero industries will share their views on the current development stage of connectivity and on what they consider as future critical milestones for their respective organizations.

Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
Daniele Cohen, VP, Business Owner for Car Services, Groupe PSA
Reza Rasoulian, Vice President, Global Guest Connectivity, Carnival
Finspace start-up pitch
NGSO broadband constellations: The critical path to success

NGSO broadband constellations are on a critical path to become fully funded and operational. As the new competitive landscape will be defined over the next 2-3 years, the leaders of key constellations will discuss the following:


> Key milestones for the next 12 months

> Technical, financial and regulatory hurdles to overcome

> The importance of the first-mover advantage

> Price elasticity and the potential of unlocking new markets

Nathan de Ruiter, Managing Director, Euroconsult Canada
Afternoon coffee break
Large launch systems adapt to changing market landscape

The heads of competing large launchers  will discuss key market evolutions impacting their strategies, including:  


> Benefits of cooperation with clients, both governmental and commercial, to improve the user experience

>Technology and business uncertainties in most segments of the commercial market (comsat, smallsat, constellations, IOS, etc.)

> Market differentiators beyond launch price (time to orbit/in-orbit, satellite stacking, etc.)

Stéphane Israël, Chairman & CEO, Arianespace
Gwynne Shotwell, President & COO, SpaceX
Bob Smith, CEO, Blue Origin
Ko Ogasawara, Vice President & General Manager, Space Systems, MHI
Kirk Pysher, President, ILS (expected)
Official cocktail reception
Welcome coffee hosted by
Satellite manufacturers: The day after tomorrow

Leaders of the world’s prime satellite manufacturers will discuss their business perspectives at a time when the satellite industry is completing a major transformation cycle.


> What are the new market paradigms?

> What are the lessons learnt from a changing landscape?

> How are strategies adapting to new opportunities?

Steve Bochinger, COO, Euroconsult
Jean-Marc Nasr, EVP, Head of Space Systems, Airbus Defence and Space
Chris Johnson, President, Boeing Satellite Systems International
Jean-Loïc Galle, President & CEO, Thales Alenia Space
Dan Jablonsky, President & CEO, Maxar
Lisa Callahan, VP & GM, Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space
Frank Culbertson, President, Space Systems Group, Northrop Grumman
Finspace start-up pitch
Morning coffee break
Dedicated smallsat launchers – Premium solutions for a shorter time to orbit

New commercial suppliers of dedicated access to space solutions for smallsats are developing innovative commercial strategies to address the specific requirements of the smallsat community. The session will cover topics such as:


> Differentiation strategies in a growing competitive landscape

> Evolving business models in a changing ecosystem

> How to leverage new segments of smallsat demand

What is the equation for investing in space businesses?

As for any industry going through a disruptive innovation period, the space economy presents the opportunity for new value creation as well as higher technical and business risks. Executives from VC funds and other investment groups will discuss how to make investment decisions with millions on the line:

> How do investors think about market segmentation and which segments are most attractive?

> Why space and what tradeoffs are made for space investment?

> How does capital raising for organic growth compare to M&A?

> How to close the business case?

Sima Fishman, Managing Director, Euroconsult USA
Chris Boshuizen, Operating Partner, Data Collective
Mark Boggett, CEO, Seraphim Capital
Official lunch
Satcom awards ceremony
IoT constellations: Emerging business models

Key trends and strategic issues for space based IoT connectivity providers will be discussed; how will emerging business models impact the industry?

> How will the “satellite as a service” model impact the IoT landscape?

> What is the role of partnerships with established players in a highly competitive environment?

> Go-to-market plan and target markets

> Access to space and time to market: The first-mover advantage?

Afternoon coffee break
The rapidly evolving video landscape

The traditional positioning of satellite in the video distribution value chain is increasingly challenged. What role will it play in the new ecosystem? The session will address this question, with topics such as:


> How can satellite players efficiently combine linear and non-linear TV?

> How to leverage new OTT and UHD opportunities for satellite companies?

> What are the prospects for video distribution by satellite in a rapidly changing ecosystem?

> Are there new opportunities in advanced digital markets or mainly in emerging markets?

Susan Irwin, Affiliate Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Bill Tillson, Executive Chairman, Encompass
Philippe Bernard, Chairman & CEO, Globecast
Alex Pannell, Managing Director: Satellite & Media, Arqiva
Symposium on Innovation
Welcome coffee
Satellite operators: Technological innovation propels business innovation

Representatives from global and regional satellite operators will discuss the critical nature of technology for business innovation:

> Complementarity and competition between geostationary satellites and constellations

> Benefit of experience on the introduction of new technologies such as HTS, electric propulsion, software-defined payloads

> Rationale for design-to-cost purchase practices within the satellite industry

Morning coffee break
Anticipating the unexpected – Satellite manufacturers’ solutions to address new market needs
The representatives from established satellite manufacturers will discuss strategic issues for their business, especially how they plan to address demand’s evolution and market cycle:
> Market adoption of reprogrammable payloads and standardized flexible small GEO
> The cycle of GEO comsat orders and constellations’ deployment
> Satellite operators’ needs for cost efficiency and flexibility
> The road ahead: New opportunities
Satellite end-users demand services; how will the industry respond?

The satellite and ground segment industry is evolving its product portfolio to address new users and new requirements:

> What are the challenges for the satcom industry with such changes?

> How will the industry create a new ecosystem to democratize satellite products and services?

> What is its strategy to develop new market channels for satellite services?

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