A World Satellite Business Week event
Sept. 10-13, 2018 / The Westin - Paris
MondaySept. 10, 2018#709d5b
TuesdaySept. 11, 2018#709d5b
WednesdaySept. 12, 2018#709d5b
Registration & welcome coffee
Opening remarks
Opening speech - Connectivity & entertainment: The role of satellite
The satcom industry in transformation: The investment bankers' view

Views of financiers on the financial dynamics of the industry and of the overall telecom / high tech industry
Emergence of new investors in the satellite ecosystem
Expectations and drivers of transformation moving forward

Morning coffee break
Satellite operators serving new customer needs

Investment directions/priorities
New use cases and potential demand from clients/verticals
Differentiation strategies

Official luncheon
Satellite and the Hyper-Connected World

Ongoing transformation initiatives and investment priorities to boost growth potential in the industry
The future pillars of satellite growth
Strategic issues

Afternoon coffee break
Smart mobility: The impact of connectivity on transportation services

Current/expected impact of connectivity across different transportation services
Comparison of views from different companies/sectors
Understanding key use cases/priorities/concerns to overcome, including for satellite solutions

IFC services: Building the new broadband mass market

Dynamics in the deployment of solutions with airlines
Innovations in new solutions and onboard services (such as content management, analytics supporting operations etc.)
Expected traffic requirements, expected added value from new generations of satellite systems and equipment

Official coctail reception
Welcome coffee
Space technology: Disruptive solutions and services

Briefings of different concepts (such as access to space, in orbit technologies, ground solutions, services)
Discussion on the foreseen impact on the satellite ecosystem
Expected benefits for end-users when applicable

Morning coffee break
Farther horizons for satellite connectivity services

Update on business dynamics for satellite services
What data rates are expected for different use cases
Meeting customer expectations: Which value added features can support differentiation and customer loyalty
What the requirements are for opening up new business segments to satellite use

Official luncheon
NSGO satellite constellations

Update on the development of different constellations
Targeted use cases, expectations in terms of differentiations and added / value
Expected market elasticity and go-to-market strategy

Afternoon coffee break
Accelerating access to space

Current performance and priorities of launch service companies
Status of development programs for next generation launchers
Specific challenges (ex: delivery of constellation programs, how to adapt to changes in demand patterns etc.)

Official cocktail reception
Welcome coffee
Manufacturing: Shifting towards a more software-defined world

Strategic priorities of manufacturers in adapting to market demand
Upcoming capabilities of satellite assets being built
Impact of new manufacturing capabilities

Morning coffee break
New investors in the satellite ecosystem

Rationale for investing in the space ecosystem
Perceived opportunities and views on ongoing innovation / disruption
What conditions are required to unlock growth potential in the sector
Comparison/views from other sectors / verticals

Upcoming broadband and IoT networks

Expected key features of upcoming communication networks
The impact of new capabilities such as edge computing
Conditions to build the economics of new generation networks
How satellites can benefit from broadband and IoT opportunities

Official luncheon
Satcom awards ceremony
Satellite’s role in the changing media landscape

Dynamics of broadcast and video service deployment
New requirements for content management platforms
New upcoming disruptions through fixed and mobile networks

Afternoon coffee break
The contribution of satcom to universal access strategies

Details on different universal access programs
Use cases and public private partnering
Discussion on how satellite can contribute to a new standard in universal service

Closing remarks
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