Eric Peyrucain

Digital Transformation Leader

Airbus SAS

French Republic

A digital transformation leader within the Airbus Digital Transformation Office, Eric is responsible for driving our digitalisation and aircraft connectivity efforts. Today, he specializes in developing innovation-driven connected digital solutions for Airbus aircraft. 
In his 25 years at Airbus, Eric has held a variety of project management positions in the areas of design, development and navigation systems certification. Specifically, he has managed projects across the full Airbus aircraft portfolio, from A300 to A350, as well as Airbus military aircraft, A400M and MRTT. In addition, Eric was instrumental in designing, sourcing and developing the navigation suite for the A350 XWB. During his tenure within Airbus strategy, Eric worked closely on long-term concepts relating to the fields of energy supply and connectivity, all of which have directly impacted the orientation of Airbus R&T activities