Giovanni Pandolfi

Co-founder & CTO

Leaf Space

Italian Republic

Co-founder of Leaf Space, where he currently holds the position of technical director (CTO) and business development. In particular, he managed the definition of the architecture of the Ground Segment as-Service solutions Leaf Line and Leaf Key services and he headed the network operations for the support of various satellite and cubesat missions managed both by space agencies (ESA, ISRO, DLR) and by several international trading companies.

He is currently in charge of defining the corporate strategy, as well as managing the Business Development team. Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, President and General Director at Skyward Experimental Rocketry, Politecnico di Milano. His experience in the technical and administrative, managerial and organizational fields was extremely important to the effective management of several projects. His educational experience in the Italian Air Force Military School which, in addition to giving him an understanding of the roles of an organization, has also heightened his sense of responsibility and duty.