Fernando Ojeda



Kingdom of Spain

Fernando Ojeda, a key man in the 'telecoms' sector

This executive, is graduated in Business Science from ESADE Business School and has some of the most prestigious national and international masters in business management.

Born in the UK, he has developed his professional career in telecommunications sector in Spain, USA, Portugal, Italy and Brazil.

He was also the founder and CEO of Dahlia Televisión, CEO of Universal Pictures in Brazil and Benelux and of Grupo Euskaltel. Thus, among its main achievements, the growth and expansion of the Basque operator stands out, which culminated with its flotation on the stock exchange in July 2015 and the subsequent acquisition of the Galician operator R Cable. In October 2017 he joined Eurona as CEO, at a time of great changes for the 'teleco'.

For Fernando Ojeda, "Eurona's magic is that it is capable of taking the Internet to the desert of the Sahara". For this reason, although in his time in other companies it was time to think about cables and fiber, his concern now is mobility because, as he says, "fiber does not arrive when you climb the mountain or ride a boat, nor in small towns and the most unpopulated areas”.