Michele Franci

Senior satellite telecommunications system expert

Michele Franci is a Senior satellite telecommunications system expert. He has 30 years of experience in space program development and management, ranging from technology design and development, to operations, sales, marketing and strategy and C-level management. Michele has a vast experience with all space technology development companies around the world and is currently working as Consultant across the space telecommunications value chain.

Previously, Michele was a Chief Technology Officer at Inmarsat PLC in London, he was member of the executive team leading a group of approx. 300 engineers and developers over three continents. He was responsible for the technology roadmap and all subsequent development activities and programs covering the full scope of the Inmarsat space telecommunication networks, from space segment, radio access and ground networks and terminals and customer premises equipment. Michele previously worked for SES as SVP Planning and Procurement, leading satellite and launch vehicle procurement and planning activities across the SES Operating Companies. He was also part of the SES Engineering management committee, responsible for the SES fleet management and deployment, mission design and development, satellite and launcher procurement and risk management. Before that, he was VP Business Development for Arianespace, leading the marketing group, including commercial strategy and proposals, the longterm strategic developments, sales oversight.