Jordan Fabien

Founder & CEO



Fabien Jordan is widely recognized for his work on Switzerland’s first satellite, SwissCube, a highly successful educational mission initially projected to have a one-year lifespan. But that remains functional in orbit today, an impressive eleven years post-launch. Fabien’s engineering and management expertise also spans technical work for several scientific instruments of the ESA ExoMars rover mission while serving as Technical Manager at the Space Exploration Institute in Neuchatel.

Thanks to his solid experience in space systems engineering and his active involvement in the CubeSat community, he rapidly became convinced that nanosatellite constellations would be capable of disrupting specific segments of the satellite industry. In 2014, Fabien founded Astrocast, the first satellite operator of Switzerland. With an international team of experts from both space and telecom industries, he progressively developed a strong business model to provide global, direct-to-satellite Internet-of-Things (IoT) communications. Leveraging the industry-leading performance of Astrocast’s L-band IoT network, Fabien successfully positioned the company as a front runner, enabling a substantial growth potential for the years to come.