A World Satellite Business Week event
11-14 Sept. 2017 / The Westin - Paris

Robert Cleave

VP Advanced Programs

Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services

United States of America

Robert R. Cleave is a seasoned aerospace executive with nearly 30 years of experience as a satellite engineer, program manager and entrepreneur. He has participated in the entire space-related value chain, including payload engineering, satellite design and launch vehicle management, as well as financing and licensing. He currently manages Advanced Programs and Investments. His credits include patenting Machine-to-Machine technologies using satellite communication networks, founding a government-focused services business using X-band, and negotiating the largest satellite contract under Shari’ah law. As an early adopter of new business models, he has deployed hosted payloads to provide an operational network, and was one of seven founders of the Hosted Payload Alliance serving as its first treasurer. Robert is an active author and speaker, publishing more than 25 technical and business papers. He is a member of the board at the World Space Week Association and is active on several nonprofit boards.